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In the area of PR, MONZERFODA Advertising provides support with media report tone analysis, press conferences, and media response, helping you acquire a fan base among your customers.

In the area of AR, we provide support with creating strategic reports aimed at industry analysts, and in IR, we help you maximize your corporate value through information disclosure on your company website and general shareholder meetings. In all these fields, we are able to grasp market environment trends that affect your business and offer appropriate support to help you maximize the effectiveness of your communications.

Geographic Coverage

MONZERFODA operates throughout the middle east region, Africa and few European countries with extensive ‘in-country’ experience and associates in the following countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar, and Germany.

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Our Name and Logo identifies what we can’t describe with words,

MONZERFODA Means Creative Marketing Club, why this name and this logo!

From the beginning we want our working area to be professional, innovative with a high level of creativity, and with a friendly community driving to creativity and inspiration culture, so we have chosen creative to be the first letter that describes us, and the second letter chosen to be marketing because marketing is a process that we love and have the passion of it, not just a work we do with a professional way, and the last letter is the club, we believing the creativity, the professional and those could not happen with normal company as other as of agencies and prospective competitors so the last word came as friendly community that has a fans support it and have loyalty to it as we want and imagine, and no word more expressive what we feel and dream for more than club.

So, We Are Creative Marketing Club, And proud…

Our Logo identifies too much we hope our clients understand what it means for, the MONZERFODA letters are merging together to create a harmony shape that identifies us and our objectives.

The first shape letter C means an ear for you, we know there is no one know your product or service better than you, so we give you a full listening and comprehension time to get the best result for you and for us.

The second letter is C, this C means another ear for your customer or our end user and for market and your competitors, from our experience we got a good knowledge in analyzing the market, customer, and competitors, as we know how much important to knowing those three aspects better and how those aspects effective in our work.

The mix of first and second shape, identify the full circle of our marketing services that we are proud to provide to you, as it means fully 360-degree circle marketing services.

The last letter is the M, the M was designed to be three elements, not just a regular M letter, these three elements intended to the creativity, marketing, and club uniting together surrounded by care and listening to you and your market, competitors, and customers.