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Software Development Agreement

Monzer Foda Co. Ltd.

IT industry software Comapny

Location : Cairo, Egypt

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1- Monzer Foda Company for Information and Communication Technology Industry, Commercial Registration (124209) Investment Authority, E-mail
(the first side)

2-Mr. / Company: ………………………………………………………. , E-mail: [wbcr_php_snippet id=”3857″] Phone Number …………………….., Commercial Register, ………………………………….. and represented by this contract ……………………………..


As the first party company specialized in high efficiency in the IT industry for websites, phone applications and specialized software
. The second party wishes to deal in this with the first party was the terms of that contract
Boot is an integral part of the contract.

The contract items are as follows:

Firstly – Product type, specifications and additional services: –

1- Selecting the package, specifications and additional services according to the client’s desire (the second party) with the commitment of the first party (the developer) to provide sound opinion and advice
2 – Selection of the product and specifications and additional services by the (second party) obliged to pay the value of the invoice.

 Types of websites / Mobile Applications  Specifications for the website ِ & Mobile Applications  Additional Services
101Website E-Commerce201Login using your password and username or email address301E-Marketing
102Art & Photography202Login with Facebook or GoogleAsocial media
103Automotive203Save your password to enter at any timeBElectronic search engines
104Books & magazines204The customer can create a new account on the application302Advertising campaigns
105Charities & causes205The customer can customize the search for products by location or product typeAAdvertisement of road signs.
106Electronics & computers206The customer can choose one of the main sections in the main page to browse the sub-sections or
products inside
107Construction & industrial207The product is displayed at the customer’s price and offers and discountsCnewspapers
108Craft & hobbies208The products chosen by the customer are placed in the basketDRadio ad
109Design & Marketing209The customer can go back to the basket and see all the products chosen by the amendment, whether
by deletion or increase.
110Fashion & apparel210The total amount of the customer is shown on the products placed in the basket.
111Flowers, gifts, & collectables211After adding the products to the cart, the customer moves to the payment page to complete the purchase and can add a discount
coupon, if any, to show him the total price.
112Food & drink212You can pay online through the program
113Home & furniture213Payment can be made via bank account.
114Jewelry214Can pay cash.
115Factories215Can follow up the status of his request (processing of the request – shipping medicine
– delivery).
116Toys & games216Purchased products are saved and seen at any time.
117Pets & pet care217The program can locate the customer via GPS.
118Stationery & office supplies218Interact with the product by saving the product for another time.
119Sports & recreation219Add a comment on the product.
120Stationery & office supplies220When you click on the product, it opens a page with product details.
121Travel & leisure221Label love or favorite on the product.
122Financial and marketing consulting222The product can be shared with friends or on Facebook or any social networking site
123Special programs223Unlimited number of pages and emails
124Other ,….224Google map
Secondly: Time frame for program development and payments:

1- The two parties agreed that the value of the program development is only 0000.00. …………………………………………. Egyptian / USD / SAR only, and this is considered all the value of development package one.

Payments: – The value of the contract shall be paid in two phases (50%) when the contract is signed on Thursday. The second installment with the delivery of the development of the program on Thursday corresponding date …. / …. / .. 20 m, with 10 days allowed in the event of an objection to God forbid.

2. The first party (the developer) shall abide by the agreed period of 45 days, forty-five days, calculated from the second day of the initial payment.

3- The value of the annual technical support amount and capacity (0000 .00) calculated from the date of … / … / 2019 AD.

third: Presenting the designs and selecting the most suitable for the activity:

1- The second party (the client) and the first party (the developer) will be committed to provide all information about the activity and details of the work mechanisms and professional corridors.

2 – The first party (the developer) will be committed to display the designs and start the development of the program only after the written or voice approval of the customer’s phone, provided that the design (online) on the site or on the company’s page on the site.

3 – The second party (the client) will then agree to approve the design for the development of the program by not requesting the change. If the change is acceptable, nothing will be counted. .


Fourth: Obligations of the First Party:


1 – The commitment of the first party (the developer) to the specified schedule.
2 – The commitment of the first party (developer) confidentiality of the code and encryption of all information concerning the development of the program and not to disclose it to any third party.
3 – The first party (the developer) shall comply with all intellectual property rights of the second party (the client) in case the client requests a unique and dedicated project for a particular project.
4 – The first party (the developer) is committed to defending the client (the second party) due to the infringement of the third party on the intellectual property rights of the client and protection from all lawsuits.
5 – The first party (developer) is committed to free technical support in the first period with the delivery of the project and training team team (second) client.
6 – The first party is obliged to provide all the source and emails of the program that carry the data of the code and pages in case the client requests.
7 – The commitment of the first party (developer) to implement the development of the program according to the agreed specifications.

Fifth: Obligations of the Second Party:


1- The second party (the customer) is committed to the payments and the value of the program development. The first party (the developer) has the right to stop the execution and claim the rest of the contract value.
2 – The commitment of the second party not to approach the code and software and use the control panel in the development of the program as agreed upon, so as to preserve the integrity of the development of the program.
3 – The commitment of the second party (client) to configure the hardware (computer) to run the program and according to the required specifications.


sixth:Law and authorities:


1. The Parties undertake not to amend the terms of this Agreement unless it is in writing and agreed upon by the Parties.
2. This Software Development Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Egyptian courts.

Developed Company (First Party)

name :


electronic signature:

Monzer Foda Co. Ltd.
Monzer Foda


Client (Second party).

customer name :


bill number

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